Shot Glass


Usually made of very thick glass, especially at the bottom. They come in two types. The regular shot glass is approximately 2 inches tall and the tall shot glasses can be as high as 6 inches. Normally they both have the same diameter.

Cocktail recipes served in a Shot Glass:
  cocktail name:   main ingredient:


Coca Cola®

Camel Driver


Candy Apple Limedrop (1st)

Dekuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps®

Candy Apple Sourball (2nd)


Candy Apple Sweet Tart (1st)


Candy Ass

BOLS Chocolate Mint


Guinness® Stout

Carrot Cake #1


Cerebral Hemorage

Strawberry Liqueur


BOLS Triple Sec Curacao


Chastity Belt

Tia Maria®

Cheese Cake Sourball (1st)


Cherry Bon Bon

Chocolate Liqueur

Cherry Comfort

Southern Comfort®

Cherry Kamikaze (2nd)


Cherry Lemondrop (2nd)


Cherry Lifesaver Shooter

Southern Comfort®

Cherry Sourball (1st)


Chinese Mandarin

Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur

Chocolate Banana Shot

BOLS Creme de Cacao White

Chocolate Chip Shot

BOLS Peppermint Green

Chocolate Grasshopper

Creme de Cacao (White)

Chocolate Jizz

Creme de Cacao (White)

Cinnamon Kamihuzi (1st)


Cinnamon Lemondrop (2nd)


Cinnamon Toast

Bailey's Irish Cream®

Circle Jerk

Bailey's Irish Cream®

Citron My Face

Absolut Citron®

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