Cheesy Poof


Cheesy Poof ingredients:

to be served in a:

Eggs (1 / 3.0 cl)

Red Wine (2 oz. / 6.0 cl)

Salt (2 tsp. / 8 ml)

Tabasco® Sauce (2 oz. / 6.0 cl)

Beef Bouillion (1 / 3.0 cl)



Cheesy Poof recipe:


Mix all of that together till nice and thick, then stir in Parmesan cheese. It΄ll knock your socks off, or just make you talk like Cartman...Yeah, I want da Cheesy Poofs""";0;0;1485 9292;Creeper;creeper;20;Pitcher;Put all ingredients in blender. Blend with ice. Serve with straw.;0;0;1486 9302;Dog Piss;dog_piss;19;Punch Bowl;Mix all ingredients in a disposable foam cooler. Enjoy!!!;0;0;1487 9311;Flaming Cockroach;flaming_cockroach;3;Highball Glass;Pour Kahlua in glass, add 151, then layer tequila on top. Light, after flame is out drink quickly through a straw.;0;0;1488 9317;French Vodka;french_vodka;3;Highball Glass;mix vodka with Perrier in a glass filled with ice. stir and serve with a twist of lime.;0;0;1489 9325;Generation Sex;generation_sex;2;Shot Glass;Add 3 shots of Malibu Rum to a 12oz can of Pepsi and mix. - M. Buquor;0;0;1490 9331;Godiva Almond Joy;godiva_almond_joy;3;Highball Glass;MIX ALL INGREDIENTS IN BLENDER WITH ICE. BLEND TILLFROSTY SMOOTH.SERVE IN HIGH BALL GLASS;0;0;1491 9336;Great Grape;great_grape;3;Highball Glass;Combine fruit juices. Gently add ginger ale and sever immediately. Makes 10 servings.;0;0;1492 9343;Hard To Believe;hard_to_believe;20;Pitcher;Mix everything in a mixer and enjoy!;0;0;1493 9350;Holistic;holistic;3;Highball Glass;Pour everything in a mixer. Mix it for about 2 minutes. Cool it in the fridge 5 - 15 minutes before drinking!;0;0;1494 9356;Hot Butterd Rum;hot_butterd_rum;2;Shot Glass;1/4 Cinnamon tsp. Mix powdered ingredients together then set aside. Allow butter and ice cream to melt or soften to room temperature. Once softened mix all items together and freeze. Mix equal parts of the batter and rum (1 shot glass) then add enough boiling water to fill the remainder of a mug.;0;0;1495 9362;"Jak΄D


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